Squid Poster


Squid Poster, watercolor, Adobe Illustrator

I repainted my squid for my final poster for my natural science illustration class and created this poster about the squid’s ability to change color.

My teacher suggested I put one of its tentacles into an extreme perspective, just for fun, so you can see one of the tentacles reaching out towards you — either you’re about to get “suction cupped” — or maybe it’s a friendly squid and you’ll just get high-fived!?

Also, she helped me understand watercolor glazing, so I added a light glazing of watercolor the squid’s mantle, especially, to reflect some of its opalescence and to get more of a sense of the rounded shape. So over it’s sepia base I added blues, purples, corals and pinks (cool and warm colors).

I added the film strip to give you a sense of how quickly and completely a squid can change colors. I put it onto the poster in a way that made it look like it was taped on in front of it, with a drop shadow and apparently hanging over the edge of the poster.

Here’s the new watercolor just by itself:


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