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Ammonite Poster: Spira Mirabilis

Ammonite Poster: Spira Mirabilis, carbon dust on paper, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator One of the first projects we did in class this year was to draw a crystalized fossil using carbon dust. For my poster from that project, I incorporated my enjoyment of math along with my ammonite drawing to explore how its spiral related to […]


Coltsfoot Poster

Coltsfoot Poster, colored pencil on Dura-Lar film, pen and ink, Adobe Illustrator I spent some time this past quarter volunteering to draw a couple of illustrations for an update to Flora of the Pacific Northwest, a comprehensive book originally published at the University of Washington in the 1970’s. One of the drawings was of Coltsfoot […]


Squid Poster

Squid Poster, watercolor, Adobe Illustrator I repainted my squid for my final poster for my natural science illustration class and created this poster about the squid’s ability to change color. My teacher suggested I put one of its tentacles into an extreme perspective, just for fun, so you can see one of the tentacles reaching […]


Grasshopper Poster

The Grasshopper’s Leap, colored pencil on Dura-Lar film, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Animate This is the poster I made for my class project from my previous grasshopper drawings. I wanted to focus on how the grasshopper jumps, because they have a secret: they have a spring in their legs! They can jump 20 times their length, which for […]



Grasshopper, Colored pencils on Dura-lar film This week’s class assignment is to draw an insect. Our teacher handed out bugs in class encased in acrylic. I had a cool red-spotted bug but chose to draw a grasshopper I had (also in acrylic) because of a follow-up project I’d like to do with it. The drawing measures […]



Squid (Loligo opalens), watercolor I haven’t done many watercolors, but our class assignment was to paint a squid in watercolor — so voila! We each got a squid in class to draw (not alive, of course — just from our local Pike Place fish market). We arranged its tentacles and arms, took measurements and lots […]