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Orthoceras, graphite on Bristol I wanted  to try something paleontological, so I composed this scene of a little orthoceras (a nautiloid) living among marine plants about 450 million years ago. So many  drawings of life in the Paleozoic era show lots of attacking going on, trying to show the survival of the fittest at work; I wanted my orthoceras to have a […]


Giraffe (Head and Neck)

Giraffe (Head and Neck), graphite on Bristol Moving on to some mammals… Giraffes are awesome. They look like they could have just arrived via flying saucer. They’ve got the largest eyes of any land animal. They sleep standing up, needing at most two hours of sleep a day. And baby giraffes can walk and run just half an hour […]


Black Bear Skull

Black Bear Skull, graphite on drawing paper This is another drawing I made at the Burke this past Thursday. My original plan was to do a drawing of both a bear skull and a seal skull, because I’d learned on a recent whale watching trip in the San Juan Islands that bears, sea lions and seals are […]


Sun Bear Skeleton

Sun Bear Skeleton, graphite on drawing paper I again visited the collections at the Burke Museum Mammalogy department, and Jeff Bradley, the collection manager, generously took this skeleton of a sun bear down from a high shelf so I could draw it. It came from the Woodland Park Zoo, but the Burke Museum is uncertain whether […]