Feel free to visit my blog and check out what drawings, scientific illustrations, urban sketches and cartoons I'm working on today.


Leaves, graphite on watercolor pencil. I’m taking a botanical illustration class at Gage (in Seattle), and we drew leaves last week. I wanted to practice more, so I worked on this today.


Jake the Lion

Jake the Lion, graphite on watercolor paper. I had the privilege of drawing again today at the Burke Museum’s Mammalogy lab. Jeff, who runs the place, asked me what I’d like to draw, and I gave him only the vague answer of “some kind of interesting skull.” He suggested a carnivore and brought out the skull […]


Our Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree, notebook sketch with Uniball pen, painted with a watercolor brush in Photoshop. I always wanted a walnut tree. We finally planted one a few years ago, and while it’s healthy, it’s taking its time producing walnuts! Last year we had two or three. Maybe this will be our year? I’ll sketch more over the summer and […]


Spent Daffodils

Spent Daffodils, graphite and colored pencils on watercolor paper, Photoshop. It’s almost the end of daffodil season. Our family planted dozens of daffodil bulbs on our hillside on Orcas Island a few years ago, and last year my wife planted dozens and dozens more. Now in the spring the fields are dotted with bright yellow, and […]


Sprig of Little Flowers

Sprig of Little Flowers, graphite and colored pencils on watercolor paper, Photoshop. This little sprig of flowers was growing in our garden. It seemed sweet and simple and was fun to draw—somehow it almost feels like a small “scientific illustration/comic art,” the way it turned out with the pencil lines clearly visible.