Spent Daffodils


Spent Daffodils, graphite and colored pencils on watercolor paper, Photoshop.

It’s almost the end of daffodil season. Our family planted dozens of daffodil bulbs on our hillside on Orcas Island a few years ago, and last year my wife planted dozens and dozens more. Now in the spring the fields are dotted with bright yellow, and it’s dazzling.

They’re still eye-catching—even beautiful—as they wither and become bedraggled, ghostlike and faded.

Pronghorn Skull


Pronghorn skull from the Burke Museum, Mammalogy Collection, University of Washington, Seattle. Colored pencil on watercolor paper, cleaned up in Photoshop.

(Antilocapra american, family Antilocapridae)

I wanted to capture the roughness of the sheaths on the horns versus the smoothness of the ivory skull. (Pronghorns shed their sheaths annually, but underneath is a horn made of bone.)