Sun Bear Skeleton

Sun Bear Skeleton, graphite on drawing paper I again visited the collections at the Burke Museum Mammalogy department, and Jeff Bradley, the collection manager, generously took this skeleton of a sun bear down from a high shelf so I could draw it. It came from the Woodland Park Zoo, but the Burke Museum is uncertain whether […]



Leaves, graphite on watercolor pencil. I’m taking a botanical illustration class at Gage (in Seattle), and we drew leaves last week. I wanted to practice more, so I worked on this today.


Jake the Lion

Jake the Lion, graphite on watercolor paper. I had the privilege of drawing again today at the Burke Museum’s Mammalogy lab. Jeff, who runs the place, asked me what I’d like to draw, and I gave him only the vague answer of “some kind of interesting skull.” He suggested a carnivore and brought out the skull […]