Ammonite Poster: Spira Mirabilis


Ammonite Poster: Spira Mirabilis, carbon dust on paper, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

One of the first projects we did in class this year was to draw a crystalized fossil using carbon dust. For my poster from that project, I incorporated my enjoyment of math along with my ammonite drawing to explore how its spiral related to the rest of the universe, both large and small.


Coltsfoot Poster


Coltsfoot Poster, colored pencil on Dura-Lar film, pen and ink, Adobe Illustrator

I spent some time this past quarter volunteering to draw a couple of illustrations for an update to Flora of the Pacific Northwest, a comprehensive book originally published at the University of Washington in the 1970’s.

One of the drawings was of Coltsfoot (Tussilago fanfara). I made a poster out of that drawing for one of my class projects, taking the diagnostic drawing I had done for the book and expanding on it to include a variety of animals that interact with it.